Earn money

You can make money by promoting Startup-web product.

You don't have to buy our service to do that. To start with promotion you have to create a Clickbank account here.
Than go to and login.

1. Log in to Clickbank or use this link
  • ClickBank1
2. Click on Marketplace in the header or use this link.
  • ClickBank2
3. In Find Products type sturtup-web or use this link.
  • ClickBank3
4. Click on promote button
  • ClickBank4
5. Here type your clickbank username and click on create. You will generate unique link which you can use
  • ClickBank5

6.There are two types of links available:
   1. First link is a hot link, you can paste it on your website.
   2. Second type is html formatted link, with Click Here! anchor text. You can paste it in a forum or any online service with support for HTML formatting.

  • ClickBank6

If customer uses your link to buy our service you will receive 50% commission.

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