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Gridbox is the most advanced live website builder on Joomla CMS. It allows you to create beautiful websites for your businessin real time directly from your browser.
Using the Drag & Drop interface you have complete control over the page. All elements on the page is draggable and you can place them as you need.



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Plugin "Image" allows you to add images into Gridbox pages. Combine Image plugin with other Gridbox plugins...


Plugin allows to add smooth scrolling to a specific section on a Joomla page. Plugin allows to add smooth scrolling...


Plugin "Icon" allows you to add icons into Gridbox pages. Wide range of options allows you create amazing ...


Gridbox provides the easiest way to add Overlay Sections on Joomla! Websites.


Weather Plugin for Joomla Page Builder Gridbox allows you to easily add beautiful and clean weather info...


Plugin "Countdown" allows you to add countdown timer on Gridbox Pages.Increase conversions ...

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Gridbox page builder comes with a wide range of pre-installed Page Blocks which allows you to build nice...

~ Mikel ~

Gridbox allows you to modify each element of the page at real time. Set a beautiful backgrounds, animations, etc.

~ Alice ~

The Gridbox page builder allows you to create beautiful and fully responsive page layouts with ease. Set up complex...

~ Marilyn ~